Kern River Valley Post 711

The Kern River Valley Veterans Honor Guard was put together by Volunteer's of Men and Women that belong to the American Legion or the VFW and want to make sure that our Veterans in the Kern River Valley get their Final Military Honors. We at this time have 8 KRV Honor Guard Volunteer's and are always looking for more People to Join our Volunteer Military Honor Guard....Richard Wolfe - (Captain)...Evertte Evans - ( Chaplin )...Mike Brownell - (Riffle Unit )..Bruce Jones - (Riffle Unit ).Steve Fletcher - (Riffle Unit )...Keith Irons - ( Riffle Unit )...Jim Dunn (Riffle Command )...Jan Fletcher - ( Bugle ) ....We feel Very Honored to be able to serve the Kern River Valley Veterans...For God & Country...Richard Wolfe - ( 760-549-3008 )